Bude Food Bank

One of our customers asked that whilst they are away for a few months visiting family over the summer, could they donate their weekly veg box to the Bude Food Bank rather than skipping it. We spoke to Sue at the Food Bank who was delighted with the idea and the family receiving the box each week since have been thrilled.

Whilst we dream of a Bude in which everybody has access to the nutritious food that they and their family need, it's not without the unimaginable generosity of Sue, her team and all those that donate to the Bude Food Bank that this dream comes even close to becoming a reality. Judging by how hard Sue and her team work each week, it appears that this dream might be further away from reality than ever before.

As a small farm on which every crop is grown for a purpose and planned months in advance, this is extremely helpful for us too. Being able to predict the number of weekly veg boxes contributes to our goal of having no waste on the farm - an essential aim if we are to succeed in showing other young people that small scale agriculture within a local economy is not just a labour of love but a sensible livelihood too.