We love it when the time comes when we harvest our first bunch of carrots.

This sweet, crunchy and juicy vegetable is something that sparks so much joy when eaten freshly harvested, this is why we always harvest them on the morning of delivery. We also bunch and deliver them with the tops on but when they get to you it is best to twist the tops off and keep them separately in a bag in the fridge. This will keep the carrots fresher for longer and the tops will stay bright and firm for longer to be used sparingly in salads or blended into a zingy salsa. We don’t tend to peel our carrots, especially in the summer, just give them a good wash. The carrot is something we are all very familiar with cooking so we won’t patronise your knowledge. They are just wonderful raw and grated into a slaw, thinly sliced and added to your favourite stew or braise, roasted whole, or added to a good stock for future use.

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