Breakfast Buns

This recipe has become a huge breakfast staple for us at the field and is a great way to make use of any greens.

During the week we have very early starts so we tend to have a late breakfast after harvest and deliveries with a lighter dinner mid afternoon. You can use Chard, Cavelo Nero, Beetroot or Kohl Rabi tops, Spinach or Kale with exactly the same recipe.

Neetfield - eggs

Serves 4


  • 1 bunch of Chard (approx 8 stems)
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • Extra virgin rapeseed oil
  • 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar (or 1/2 a lemon)
  • 4 eggs (or tofu if you prefer)
  • 4 challah buns from Electric Bakery (or brioche burger buns), sliced in half and lightly oiled


  1. Thinly slice the garlic and stems of the chard. Roughly chop through the chard leaves
  2. Add two generous tablespoons of oil to a heavy bottomed pan on a high heat before adding the garlic and chard stems. Season with salt and stir fry until the chard stems are just about tender.
  3. Add the roughly chopped chard leaves to the pan with the vinegar and continue to stir fry on a high heat for 1 minute. Once cooked, turn off the heat and set the pan of chard to one side
  4. Heat a frying pan or skillet and grill the cut side of the buns until nicely coloured. Remove from the pan and fry your eggs to your liking
  5. Add a generous amount of chard to the bottom half of your bun before resting your egg on top and adding the bun lid.
  6. Huge bonus points for adding crispy bacon, some grated cheddar, any hot sauce or salsa, grilled mushrooms or anything else that takes your fancy.

Neetfield chopped chard

Neetfield chard leaves

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